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The Thais divide the year into three seasons: - the cool season, hot season, and rainy season. For most westerners, this translates to "hot," "really hot," and "really hot and wet." Temperatures rarely drop below 25? C (70? F).

- The cool season runs from December to March, although there's usually just one week in December when temperatures are actually comfortable.

- The heat starts to increase soon after the New Year and by April or May it can be almost unbearably hot and humid.

- During the rainy season the downpours can be extremely heavy, but generally only last for an hour or so in the afternoon.

- The rainy season, which coincides with the European and North American summers, is not an entirely bad time to visit. The rain cools down the temperatures a bit and cleans the air quite nicely. With the high temperatures, the rain is not exactly cold. Sometimes it can be like a warm shower.

In general, Wholesale fashion accessories business starts it good selling pattern in a cool season. Ribbon Center and Much-More Accessories sales skyrocket during the winter and New Year season. Foreigners visit our store during the winter season more often than others. However, domestic customers (Thais) produce a sizable sale volume in the hot summer due partly to Thai New Year festival.


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