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Ribbon Center and Much-More Accessories are located right at the center of Bangkok China town where activities take places 24 hour a day. It's the place where Thailand wholesale fashion accessories market really is. Don't miss it. Also there are many other activities taking place. Read on..

Bangkok Chinatown is one of the largest and most amazing Chinatowns outside China! Here there are some great restaurants!! There is also a unique culture formed around Chinatown, a mix between Thai and Chinese, quite interesting. Don't forget to bring a camera!

Chinatown offers the visitor an astonishing array of fashion jewelry, hardware, wholesale food, and automotive and fabric shops - and almost all at cheaper prices than anywhere else in Bangkok.
Despite its grungy style, Chinatown offers a wonderful glimpse into 300 years of cultural development, and more fantastic food than any human could eat in a lifetime.

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It's worthwhile to pay a visit to world�s largest Chinatown. As soon as you arrive there, you'll notice that the whole atmosphere is different from the rest of Bangkok even if you buy nothing it is worth to go there

Yaowarat, the main road, has lots of fascinating Chinese pharmacists with containers full of strange looking herbal remedies and probably the highest concentration of gold shops in Thailand. You could spend days here...

The Chinese have found themselves in almost every corners of the world...from Toronto to San Francisco to Sydney to Bangkok. Bangkok's CHINA TOWN's is by far one of the most interesting places to visit in Bangkok as a travel point or CHINA TOWNs in general. BKK's china town is almost 24 hours of non stop action. From the crack of dawn, gold and pawn shops, watch dealers, and little coffee houses set up for their days work

As the evening falls into the night shift to the wee hours of the morning, CHINA TOWN here in BKK becomes one of the largest street side food hawkers' square.

From the finest Chinese cuisines, thai deserts rivaling the Chinese black bean gluttonous ginger treats, to fresh live seafood and bird' nest....simply more for your palate than your stomach can hold. Myriads of little shops open late nights selling remedies to better health such as turtle shell's medi-mixes to cd stalls selling the finest collection of Chinese DVD, CD... It's a must see place, don't miss out!

Thailand has a large Chinese population. Most of them have been living here for generations and many are meanwhile completely integrated into the Thai society and cannot speak Chinese any more. In certain places, though, like here in " Chinatown",

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